In the rooms of the 1st floor of the main building we present the history of paper and papermaking all over the world, in Poland and Silesia in the period of manufacture production of paper, and the history of papermaking technique and technology in the period of machine paper production. The main exhibition themes are complemented by themes closely related to the history of papermaking such as writing materials prior to the invention of paper, painting techniques and paper goods. In the windows of the show rooms one can see the copies of filigrees from various paper mills all over the Word, Poland and Silesia and the logos of the contemporary Polish paper plants.

In the basement there is a show of hand papermaking, which constitutes one of the greatest attractions.

The rooms of the first floor with beautiful wall and ceiling paintings are the site of temporary exhibitions.

In the pavilion in the Museum yard one can see the exhibition on the history of printing.

Translation: Aneta Ożga

Suitable for the disabled